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Services and strategies for sustainability transformation

Sustainable entrepreneurship needs sustainable strategies

Environmentally-friendly business practices are specific to the company it's products or services. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. We offer tailor-made strategic and technical solutions as well as guidance for companies and communities on their way to a globally sustainable future.

Smart Circular Economy

Reduce resource consumption and save costs with sustainable practices


Strategies for measurable success

We address your unique challenges whether it's ESG (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance), circular supply chains, carbon footprint, future advantages over competitors, or any way to take advantage of sustainable change.

Strategic priorities

  • Embed the approach into long-term policy and management, so short-term changes do not disrupt the momentum.
  • Partnerships help deliver where resources are limited.
  • Strengthen the sense of identity and pride of your employees and grow their confidence and knowledge.
  • Forge local and international linkages and learn from other. 

We start with a simple SWOT analysis

This first analysis is the basis for further individual strategy consulting.



What are the key stakeholder concerns?

What are the key risks or threats?

What are the key aspirations as a whole?

What are opportunities for doing better?

Resources, budgets and target groups determine the further course of action.
Your JOIOM team develops an individual and sustainable solution in cooperation with you.


Sustainability or green marketing – meeting consumer expectation

Which marketing strategies are suitable for your long-term success?
Is your company showing environmental awareness and corporate responsibility?
How can you best communicate these values?

We provide useful insights through market analysis

  • Target Market Size And Growth
  • Identifying Market Trends
  • Distribution Channel
  • Competition Analysis
  • Industry Behaviour
  • Customer Description
  • Customer Perception

Branding and loyalty

Brand loyalty is about positive feelings and keeping people interested

JOIOM assists you in defining a clear definition of values and transfer this values into visual elements.
Through our worldwide network, we are able to tailor solutions to communicate effectively with your target audience.

Marketing and communications

Communicate the key messages and inspire action

Too many strategies fail due to lack of involvement and poor communication. JOIOM helps you presenting your strategy in a way that will be noticed, understood, and respected by the target audiences.


A data-driven approach enables your company to improve the efficiency of business and operational processes.

It also facilitates serving their customers and consumers.

Our goal is to create efficient software to save resources, simplify processes and save costs

Software tailored to your needs

JOIOM develops software and interfaces for business processes, print- and online-production. 
We automate the export and import from databases to extend the functionality and use of existing systems
  • Catalog automation software
  • Online- and print-catalogs
  • Import/export automation
  • Mass image editing
  • Mass text-image integration
  • CMYK output for offset print
catalog automation


Get all your media needs 

Full range design and production of media content


Logo | Signet | Corporate Design

JOIOM provides you also with corporate-design-manual and style guidelines to assign future tasks to other companies. So you can easily follow your defined style path - both online and offline. We also research names and logos to avoid conflicts with existing rightholders. Of course, we also offer complete licensing of content we have created.


Presentation and accessibility

Your story needs to be as accessible as possible, even for those wishing to experience things remotely. By using the full range of media, people who may not be able to access one kind of interpretation have the opportunity to learn in other ways. Many people may wish to learn about your business, your products or service, so make your online presence as good as it can be. All this will contribute to the ‘word of mouth’ marketing of your site.



Your branding, your online websites and offline prints are an essential component of any marketing strategy.

Take advantage of our experience - we are a team of dedicated people from different countries and different cultural backgrounds who love assisting business owners create, build and grow sustainable businesses.


How to save tons of paper?

This use case shows how to save resources, simplify processes and reduce costs with efficient software.


We developed software for an auction house to produce print catalogs more efficiently.
So far, the images have been positioned with a clear distance from one another. Just by avoiding gaps and using a mathematical process for optimal division, over 12.5% of the required pages could be saved.

With 10,000 catalogs, this saves more than 1 ton of paper at every single auction!

In addition, the workflow has been significantly improved and the number of errors has been greatly reduced through automation.

We are really proud that we have managed to reduce costs and resource consumption at the same time.


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We are a team of creative, forward-thinking experts who are passionate about helping companies while saving the planet

  • Reducing
    our environmental footprint 
  • Advocating 
    sustainable development
  • Supporting
    small fish and small, sustainable businesses
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