Sustainable Tourism And Strategy Development

Innovative Media Solutions And Tourism Marketing Strategies

JOIOM is a sustainable tourism consulting and marketing company.
Our mission is stimulating economic growth while conserving resources and heritage.

We focus on businesses and destinations like hotels, lodges, tour operators and community tourism enterprises to succesfully develop sustainable tourism. 

Touristic Destination

Strategic Planning

Strategic Priorities

  1. Strengthen the sense of identity and pride of the citizens and grow their confidence and knowledge.
  2. Embed the approach into long-term policy and management, so short-term changes do not disrupt the momentum.
  3. Forge local and international linkages and learn from other.  Partnerships help deliver where resources are limited. 
  4. Develop a destination that enriches and conserves the people’s core values and traditions, as well as sustaining their livelihoods.

We start with a simple SWOT analysis

  • What are the key stakeholder concerns?
  • What are the key risks or threats?
  • What are the key aspirations as a whole?
  • What are the opportunities for doing things better?

This first analysis is the basis for further individual strategy consulting. Resources, budgets and target groups determine the further course of action. Your JOIOM team develops an individual and sustainable solution in cooperation with you.

Branding and Loyalty

Brand loyalty is about positive feelings and keeping people interested.

JOIOM assists you in defining a clear definition of values and transfer this values into visual elements.

Through our worldwide network, we are able to tailor solutions to communicate effectively with your target audience.

We also research names and logos to avoid conflicts with existing rightholders. Of course, we also offer complete licensing of content we have created.

JOIOM also provides you with a "Corporate-Design" manual with style guidelines to assign future tasks to other companies, so that you can easily follow your defined style path - both online and offline.

Preserve your cultural heritage - it's your treasure

Marketing & Communications

Communicate the key messages and inspire action

Too many strategies fail due to lack of involvement and poor communication.JOIOM helps you presenting your strategy in a way that will be noticed, understood, and respected by the target audiences.

Presentation and accessibility

Your story needs to be as accessible as possible, even for those wishing to experience things remotely. By using the full range of media, people who may not be able to access one kind of interpretation have the opportunity to learn in other ways.

Many people may wish to learn about, so make your online presence as good as it can be. All this will contribute to the ‘word of mouth’ marketing of your site.


Your branding, your online websites and offline prints are an essential components of any marketing strategy.

Take advantage of our experience - we are a team of dedicated people from different countries and different cultural background who love helping to create, build and grow sustainable businesses.

Protect the nature - it's your asset

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